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Some descriptions of GaylikeGirl. Young boys dressed like girls!

Neither men nor women these individuals are called transsexuals. Kinda strange to see a man wearing all these clothes and pretending to be a woman. Kinda strange to see them pottering with perfumery and showing off in front of the mirror with all those tiny skirts and blouses on. Kinda strange to see them being taken for women, seduced and really fucked dirty as if they are no men, but sluttiest and kinkiest of sluts. These transsexuals are really going wild! Sign up to see a real XXX mess!

Robert always liked those skirts. When he was still young he always used to try mommy's skirts on whenever she was gone. Now he's a grown up man and has enough to buy best skirts made by top designers. Some perfume, Lipstick and he's all set and ready for some midnight flirt. And if he succeeds he might find himself all happy and surrounded with those ready to fuck him hard.
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He was a real hottie. Girls, guys - they all liked him cause he always ready to spend some time with them doing his best to sparkle their dull lives. Acting like a naturally born woman he had his ways to please both men and girls even though he never had passion for men. After all, if you spend most of your life dressing up and acting like a woman, taboos and principals might go a bit aside in the heat of the night...

He was eager to fuck and suck non-stop. He was eager for men to treat him most mercilessly and brutally. He was ready for it. He just wanted to be humbled just like a whore. He was a man, but a weird one. Transsexual. Only his best friends could say that he was a man - he had a talent to make up that well, that no men would tell that this long-legged beauty with a frank skirt on was a man.

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It's not their hobby. It's the way they live, they way they think and act everyday. They can't live another way. This is what they like and abore. Their life is based on flirt and seduction. Their every move, avery word, every act and only purpose. To fuck, to fuck nasty and to be fucked as if they are 100% women.

He knew that this guy was about to hit him with all he had. But he didn't care that time. All he cared about was that big juicy cock he had deeply buried inside his ass crack. Still with high heeled shoes on he felt really a bit uncomfortable. But the sensations were great and he just couldn't stop for a single second...

Even when he was still a schoolboy he was often taken for a girl. He always looked so sweet and sexy. Boys laughed and made jokes at him, but he had to stand that patiently. Cause now he's the one to seduce them and to have them spending all their cash for this cute slender chick with awesome tits and juicy lips. they can't even imagine that this babe is that gay boy they studied with back at school...

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Filthy and naughty he always knew how to make things around hot. No matter whether it was a girl or a guy he was dating with, they all used to end up all and the same way. Teasing and licking his ass crack, sucking and making him lick their cracks and tools. He never minded. He was a girl. A girl ready to suck and fuck 24h a day. Just treat her right and she's all yours. Transsexuals are easily corrupted and it almost takes not effort to get everything off their sexy bodies...

Men aren't shocked whenever they find out that these guys aren't women. They are too cutr and sexy and get their hard-on rewards right deep down their ass cracks.

If you want to see men wearing female clothes and all made up, you've come to the right place cause only here we have largest collection of transsexual images, vieos and stories for you! Exclusive materials only, real time transsexuals were shot for this site. These guys know what to do to get you all thrilled and excited cause they are neither men nor women - they are transsexuals.

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